Situated on over 60 acres of tropical island, Wai Siliva Spa, will take you where ever you want to go.

Fancy your own rock bure to unwind and listen to the waves lapping at your feet?

Fancy a reef massage at mid tide in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Want some sand between your toes ~ then our beach massages are a must.

Content with the privacy of your own villa ~ then the in room massage is for you.

Choose your path through this sanctuary, with a promising selection of natural treatments made with uniquely Fijian plant extracts - heavenly massages, miraculous facials, and the most luxurious of spa pedicures and manicures.

Rites of Massage

"Organic Facial" - $218 FJD (50min)

Restore healthy skin balance with this holistic facial incorporating pure essential oils blended with plant extracts to leave the skin healthy, hydrated and back to balanced radiance.

"Tropical Organic Facial" - $110 FJD (30min)

Restore healthy skin balance with holistic facial incorporating tropical fruit & plant extracts to leave the skin healthy hydrated & back to balance radiance.

"Gingko Biloba Eye Mask" - $93 FJD (15 min)

Combining Gingko Biloba ad Marine Collagen is an anti-fatique mask for the eyes.  Ideal for tired eyes, dehydration, dark circles, puffiness and lines.

Upgrade $63 FJD

"Relaxing Fijian Massage: - $218 FJD (60min) - $299 FJD (90min)

Embrace serenity and bid stress farwell with a contemporary Fijian body massage that finishes with a sensual scalp massage.

Your choice of Fijian fragrance from the "Bula Collection Oils"

"Bua" - Frangipani, "Moli" - Lime, "Niu" - Coconut

"Deep Tissue Massage" - $218 FJD (60min) - $299 FJD (90min)

All of the above but our therapist will concentrate on those problem areas.

"Tadrai Manicure" - $126 FJD (50min)

Dip your fingers in a nourishing hand soak and we will take care of the rest. This softening, exfoliating and hydrating treatment will leave your hands looking younger.

"Tadrai Pedicure" - $126 FJD (50min)

This ultimate spa pedicure with a softening salt soak, deep exfoliation and invigorating mask, followed by gels and softening creams.

Tadrai Couples Escape - $670 FJD (90mins)

Enjoy being pampered together which begins with a 60min Tropical Fijian Massage and ends with a renewing Tropical Organic Facial

A perfect complement to your Tadrai holiday!

Please note that 24 hours is needed to book and 4 hours is required to cancel your reservation.